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Vietnamese Spell Checker
2010, ASP.NET WebForm • 2013, ASP.NET MVC

The top Vietnamese spell check online, rank first top result Google search by "kiem tra chinh ta" (spell check), "loi chinh ta" (spell error), or "vietnamese spell check" "chinh ta tieng Viet" (Vietnamese Spelling). - Vietnamese Youtube Karaoke
Search Song by Abbreviations/Title/Author while singing • Reserve/1st Reserve • Tempo Control
2019, ReactJS, Web API, SQL
Petitions to LA City A weekend project to collect signatures for petitioners. Collected over 200 signature within 2 weeks.
2019, MVC, SQL
BoringToolSQL utility, aka devart's SQL Complete for a poor developer
A simple, boring SQL Utility to create INSERT, UPDATE statement and WHERE clause based on SSMS query that can be used to copy, update or compare data in differrent tables, databases or servers.
2018, Javascripts
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